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J1 - Kill Count

data_usage Points
timer Time Limit
linear_scale Memory Limit

BSSPC '20 J1

James Soup the Chad plays League of Legends constantly. Through practice he can make many kills in one game, often consecutively. For each time period he makes kills, it either corresponds to a single kill , double kill, triple kill, quadruple kill , or when the entirety of the other team is executed, penta kill.

Unfortunately, the in game counter that tells James how many kills he is getting is broken, can you make a counter for him?


The first line of input is a integer nn, indicating how many games James played continuously, nn is less than or equal to 10001000

the next nn lines of input are lines of space separated x, with each x indicating a kill.


output n lines, with each line indicating the kills he made in one game. If there is more than five, assume there is as many penta kills as possible.

Sample Input

x X x 
x x X x X
x x X x X x X x x

Sample Output

triple kill
penta kill
penta kill quadruple kill

Problem Credits


En ming Yang


En ming Yang, Lakshy Gupta, Pao Pao Yan, James